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A few housing resources I use regularly, or have referred to in this blog.


From David Hulchanski, excerpts from the “Bill Bosworth 1980s files” and The Case for Long-Term Supportive Housing, 1983.

Stewart N. Pearson, Financing Capital Improvements and the Renovation of Social Housing in Ontario, prepared for the Asset Leveraging Working Group, Social Housing Services Corporation, December 2010 Report 

Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance, Toronto Regional Housing Data Bank, 2011. Report

J. S. Fuerst, When Public Housing was Paradise: Building Community in Chicago (2005) Order information

United Way Toronto’s Vertical Poverty (January 2011)   Web page



The Homeless Hub

Wellesley Institute

Homeless Guide

Canadian Housing and Renewal Association

Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada

Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association

Social Housing Services Corporation 

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